Teaching Strategies for Enhancing Student’s Learning


  • Zeinab Abulhul Department of Social Work Education, School of Health and Human Services, Widener University, Chester, PA, USA. Department of Social Work, University of Tripoli, Tripoli, Libya




Teaching Techniques, Critical Thinking, Class Activities, Learning Procedure


There are various teaching methods and learning styles. These methods mostly focus on students' learning capacities for better understanding and engagement. Educational principles and pedagogy focus on the type of students' learning, the type of teaching tool, and the classroom environment. These three aspects can help students and instructors facilitate the learning process and make it easily absorbable. This paper aims to shed light on various teaching strategies and class activities that instructors could use in their teaching methods to enhance student’s learning.  The author shows five strategies that are effective for teaching college students. These strategies can help students meet their educational needs and stimulate their brains to expand their knowledge and learning. These methods are as follows: presenting short lectures to refresh students' attention to the class lesson and help their brains come up with ideas about the topic based on their daily experience, brainstorming that is a class group activity  helping students work together and learn how to value each other opinions, group reports that encourage students to be familiar with strategies of writing a report as a conclusion for the group meeting, technology-based activities that develops students' educational skills in broadening their self-learning, and PowerPoint presentation that helps students review what they have learned in the class. 




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